Tin Shui Wai Clay (secondary subsoil)

Material category:

Soil / Soil based (organic/mineral)

Identification number:


Sample produced by:

LI Sze Yin Anna

Sample date:

20 Mar 2023 (Extracted)

Sample condition:


Site-driven material

Soil was collected from farmland in Tin Shui Wan. A farmer tried digging a 2-meter deep well and extracting the soil. The soil structure could be observed in layers.

Depth of sample extraction:

> 100 cm

Slope at extraction point:

< 35°

Land Use:

Agricultural land


7.5YR 6/4

Soil Structure

Organic Matter: 0.0 %

Coarse: 0.0 %

Sand: 22.0 %

Silt: 37.0 %

Clay: 41.0 %