South Lantau coral

Material category:

Mineral / Mineral based

Identification number:


Sample produced by:


Sample date:

24 Apr 2022 (Extracted)

Sample condition:


Site-driven material

Despite ongoing land reclamation and construction activity, hard corals still occur in southern Lantau’s waters, with fragmented coral pieces frequently washed up on the shores. Traditionally, lime from oyster shells and/or coral was refined in one of the lime kilns along the coastline, to be used for construction or agriculture. At TAL-L, we archive this artefact as a sign of environmental degradation and imbalance. While marine debris can be processed in our material experiments, we encourage our students to carefully look into the resources found and not to use raw materials which bear the risk of exploitation.

Surface Condition:


Depth of sample extraction:

On/Above Ground

Slope at extraction point:

< 35°



Sensory Attributes

Touch: Firm

Tactile Warmth: Tempered

Flexibility: Stiff

Resilience: Brittle

Odour: Moderate

Glossiness: Matte

Transparency: Opaque

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