Smooth washed pebble from water feature

Material category:

Naturals (others)

Identification number:


Sample produced by:

HUANG Xinjie Hedy

Sample date:

23 Feb 2022 (Received)

Sample condition:


Classification-driven material

Smooth river pebbles, such as this sample, can be found as a decorative mulch used in landscape planters or set in concrete as a 'massage' footpath to improve health. This stone was lightly laid along with pebbles and boulders of different colors and sizes as part of a water feature border in Tsuen Wan park. Smooth pebbles don't stay long in thin mortar bedding, so much of this landscape feature now shows plain cement mortar with the surface impressions of pebbles long lost.

Surface Condition:

Hard Setting

Depth of sample extraction:

<20 cm

Slope at extraction point:

< 35°

Land Use:

open space

Natural or imported material:




Production Attribute

Distance from source location: <= 100km

Production Energy: High

Water Footprint for Production: Medium

Collatoral Pollution:Low

CO2 Footprint: Medium

Ecological Attributes

Expected Lifespan: 30-50 years

Degradation: More than 50 years

Fabrication Process

Forming (including compacting/compressing)





Sensory Attributes

Touch: Hard

Tactile Warmth: Cool

Flexibility: Stiff

Odour: None

Transparency: Opaque