Sai Kung clay

Material category:

Soil / Soil based (organic/mineral)

Identification number:


Sample produced by:


Sample date:

14 Nov 2022 (Received)

Sample condition:


Site-driven material

This soil was salvaged from a landslide mitigation project next to Sacred Heart Church in Sai Kung (97JC+V64). It is part of a project by Niko Leung and Loky Leung, the co-creators of Hong Kong Soil (@hongkongsoil), who are advocating for meaningful reuse of discarded soil from local construction sites. The soil is processed and refined to be used in rammed-earth construction or as pottery clay.

Sample collected by: Hong Kong Soil

Surface Condition:

Hard Setting

Depth of sample extraction:

> 100 cm

Slope at extraction point:

> 55°

Geology of parent material:

Tai Mo Shan Formation. Undivided mainly coarse ash crystal tuff. Debris flow deposits. Unsorted sand, gravel, cobbles and boulders; clay/silt matrix.


5YR 4/5

Soil Structure

Organic Matter: 0.0 %

Coarse: 0.0 %

Sand: 0.0 %

Slit: 16.0 %

Clay: 84.0 %

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