Nam Chung sandy clay loam

Material category:

Soil / Soil based (organic/mineral)

Identification number:


Sample produced by:


Sample date:

21 Oct 2021 (Extracted)

Sample condition:


Site-driven material

Nam Chung is a coastal village in the northeastern New Territories close the Startling Inlet or Sha Tau Kok Hoi (沙頭角海). Located between tidal mudflats and fish ponds that were converted from arable farmland in the 1970s, the village and its surroundings are a stopover station for many migratory birds. The underlying and exposed sedimentary rock of this area is Hong Kong’s oldest, formed some 400 million years ago, and includes conglomerate, sandstone, and siltstone.

Surface Condition:


Depth of sample extraction:

On/Above Ground

Slope at extraction point:

< 35°

Land Use:

Vacant land/construction in progress



Geology of parent material:

Sand, gravel, cobbles and boulders in silt matrix


7.5YR 7/3

Soil Structure

Organic Matter: 0.0 %

Coarse: 55.0 %

Sand: 29.0 %

Silt: 19.0 %

Clay: 52.0 %

Chemical Properties

(Soil) pH: 6.00

Physical Properties

Humidity: 56.00