Lai Chi Wo Clay

Material categories:

Soil / Soil based (organic/mineral)


Identification number:


Sample produced by:


Sample date:

1 Oct 2022 (Extracted)

Sample condition:


Site-driven material

The clay is salvaged from mud bricks in Lai Chi Wo village. It was prepared on site to be used in new mud bricks. A local craftsman removed aggregate such as rocks and pebbles and added water to use the clay during the 'Lai Chi Wo Hakka Mud Brick Making and Restoration Sharing Workshop', organized by the Heritage Conservation Association and the 2022 Hong Kong Shenzhen City/Architecture Bi-City Biennale (Hong Kong).

Surface Condition:

Hard Setting

Depth of sample extraction:

On/Above Ground

Slope at extraction point:

< 35°



Geology of parent material:

'Estuarine and intertidal Deposits' (mud and sand), 'Beach Deposits' (sand) and 'Debris Flow Deposits' (unsorted sand, gravel, cobbles and boulders, clay/silt matrix)


10YR 6/4

Soil Structure

Organic Matter: 0.0 %

Coarse: 0.0 %

Sand: 0.0 %

Slit: 18.0 %

Clay: 82.0 %

Chemical Properties

(Soil) pH: 7.00

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