HKU East Entrance Clay

Material category:

Soil / Soil based (organic/mineral)

Identification number:


Sample produced by:


Sample date:

30 Mar 2023 (Extracted)

Sample condition:


Site-driven material

This sample was collected from a dumpster outside of HKU's East Entrance. The soil/fill within the dumpster was a result of an adjacent construction site where the sidewalk and underlaying infrastructure were being torn up. Two separate trips were taken resulting in a mixed sample of clay, concrete and construction rubble. In conversation with the construction workers we were directed to sample from only certain areas of the dumpster, as certain areas were deemed 'not good' or contaminated.

Surface Condition:


Depth of sample extraction:

> 100 cm

Slope at extraction point:

< 35°

Land Use:

Vacant land/construction in progress




7.5YR 7/4

Soil Structure

Organic Matter: 0.0 %

Coarse: 1.0 %

Sand: 21.0 %

Silt: 7.9 %

Clay: 71.0 %